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  • The Age of Immediate Delivery
    The Age of Immediate Delivery

    Paying bills online saves time and gas money

    Posted: 10/5/2015
    The Age of Immediate Delivery
    Many things have changed in the world, especially the United States, over the last ten years. One of the biggest changes is the customer's expectation of receiving a want or product close to immediately. Take these examples into consideration. Email: you send and receive instantaneous. Package shipping: online retailers are now so competitive that they offer next day shipping at little to no cost. Online Portals: view a bill online and pay it immediately with a credit card. The fact is that we have grown into a society where we expect immediate results. Root Realty has been offering immediate responses and solutions to our tenants for nearly the past decade. Here's how we meet our resident expectations:

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  • The Value of a GOOD Property Manager
    Posted: 9/2/2015
    Buying income producing real estate is something that many people believe is a good investment for growing their wealth. The real estate investment game is a business of income, expenses, risk, hard work, finding the deal that fits you, and hoping your equity grows and grows over time. But once you own a nice piece of real estate, you realize there?s a lot of work that must go into making that investment prosper. You quickly realize that marketing apartments, collecting rent, handling building and tenant issues, staying on top of insurance and taxes, is not a cake walk.
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  • Long Term Residents
    Long Term Residents

    A happy and content renter!!

    Posted: 8/5/2015
    Root Realty has had the pleasure of having some wonderful long term tenants in some of our properties. I can name off the top of my head ten residents who have been in one of our units for at least five years. There are definite similar characteristics with each of these households: they love the building the same way we do; we have a strong landlord/ tenant relationship; and we do not hesitate to ask favors of each other when they are appropriate to do so. They can rely on Root Realty, and Root Realty can rely on them. This is the case for all our residents, regardless if the stay with us a year or ten, and I hope each one knows this, but it is so evident when you've had the same person in one building for eight years. They become the unofficial eyes and ears of the property in a way.
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  • Preventative Maintenance - HVAC
    Preventative Maintenance - HVAC

    A clean and clutter free HVAC

    Posted: 6/24/2015
    Maintaining your property's furnace regularly is a smart investment for protecting the life of the HVAC system.

    Last fall, we sent service out to nearly all our units to perform routine maintenance, replace filters, and also left replacement filters in the unit for the tenants. Winter was long and cold but we had minimal furnace issues we had to attend to as the units were properly serviced and were working as they should. Now that summer is showing signs of heat, we are receiving some service requests about the air conditioning not cooling as it should. It's not unusual for a system to need Freon recharging after a long, cold winter, so we're not surprised some units are in need of servicing.

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  • The 606 Opens in Time for Summer
    The 606 Opens in Time for Summer

    A look at the recently completed "606"

    Posted: 6/10/2015
    The Bloomingdale Trail, AKA the 606, opened to the public on June 6th. This biker friendly trail has been the talk of the town for the last few years for many Bucktown and Logan Square residents as plans for the project were revealed.
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  • Its that time- Winterization Tips!
    Posted: 9/29/2014
    Its that time of year Chicago- you have exchanged your swimsuit for sweaters and scarves just in time to roll up your sleeves and prepare your home for cooler weather.

    As we watch summer fade into the sunset, consider adding the following items to your winterization checklist, and ensure your property is in tip-top shape for the fall and winter seasons.

    Update your window treatments. Summers venetian blinds and sheer curtain panels won't keep the frigid air from creeping in on a cold night. Consider switching to a denser curtain fabric for the winter months to keep your home feeling cozy and keep heating bills low.

    Schedule appliance check-ups. Your HVAC system, air ducts and hot water heater should be checked by a licensed professional to ensure all elements are in good shape for the change in weather, especially if any appliances worked overtime during summer months.

    Don't forget the attic. Check for leaks in the roof, possible cracks in attic windows and insufficient insulation. With the help of a licensed professional or advice from your local home improvement store staff, you can shield your attic from harsh weather.

    Replace weather stripping. Doors and windows need extra help to hold heat inside your home. Inspect all door and window perimeters for cracks or tears in your current weather stripping. You also can add a second layer of protection with temporary weather stripping applied overtop your existing seals.

    Deep clean and declutter. Thoroughly clean your home's nooks and crannies inside and out. Ensure electrical cords, outlets and air vents are dust- and clutter-free; tidy up garages and storage areas; and clear any debris from your home's exterior, especially around vents and drains.
  • Things You Need to Know About Tax-Deferred Real Estate Exchanges
    Posted: 8/20/2013
    If you?re interested in upgrading or consolidating your property holdings or deferring your capital gains taxes a properly structured 1031 tax deferred real estate exchange can offer you the tools to do so.
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  • Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company (Especially in Chicago)
    Posted: 11/20/2012
    So you've gone ahead and expanded your investment portfolio with some investment properties throughout Chicago; a three flat in Wrigleyville, a small condo in the suburbs, and a get-away place in Southern Wisconsin.

    Congratulations! So, now what do you do (besides panic)?

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  • Types of Rental Property Management
    Posted: 11/20/2012
    So what is rental property management?

    It?s basically what it sounds like ? companies act as a middleman, if you will, between a unit?s tenants and landlord. Look at it like a property relationship where both parties benefit.
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