• Property Management Keys

    Five Keys to Efficient Property Management

    Chicago is a prime location for real estate investors. The dynamic rental market attracts a wide variety of investors, and one of the prime concerns for those investors is...

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  • Monthly Apartment Sales Stats

    Best Time of Year to Sell a Chicago Apartment Building?

    A client of ours recently asked,“What is the best time to put our apartment building on the market?”  Our experience tells us that buying season in the Chicago apartment...

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  • 2017 Chicago Apartment Investment Market Update

    2017 Chicago Multifamily Review

    As a real estate advisor offering investment, property management, construction and sales services we provide regular market updates to our clients.   Root Realty specializes in walk up multifamily and...

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  • real estate investment search

    Focus Your Real Estate Investment Search

    “I am in real estate” is possibly one of the most interesting yet amorphous conversation starters today because there are so many facets of the business. There are geographic...

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  • 24

    Preventative Maintenance

    Maintaining your property’s furnace regularly is a smart investment for protecting the life of the HVAC system. Last fall, we sent service out to nearly all our units to...

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  • 05

    The Age of Immediate Delivery

    Many things have changed in the world, especially the United States, over the last ten years. One of the biggest changes is the customer’s expectation of receiving a want...

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  • 02

    The Value of a Good Property Manager

    So then the question becomes if you personally are capable of dedicating the time and effort to wear all the different hats required to run a profitable building. Consider...

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  • 05

    Long Term Residents

    Root Realty has had the pleasure of having some wonderful long term tenants in some of our properties. I can name off the top of my head ten residents...

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  • 10

    The 606 Opens in Time for Summer

    The Bloomingdale Trail, AKA the 606, opened to the public on June 6th. This biker friendly trail has been the talk of the town for the last few years...

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