hicago Property Management Best Practices – Spring Preventative Maintenance

Chicago Property Management Best Practices – Spring Preventative Maintenance

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition that goes beyond merely tidying homes; it plays a crucial role in property management.  This annual ritual of deep cleaning and maintenance ensures that properties remain in top condition, appealing, and provide a safe, welcoming environment for occupants.

Expanding on that previous thought – spring preventative maintenance to your Chicago apartment buildings plays an important role in your efforts to retain residents (renewals) and secure new residents (leasing), both of which are in full swing during Spring and Summer.

Here are a few pointers to consider:



View your common areas (lobbies, hallways, stairwells) and have carpets deep-cleaned, paint touched up, etc. Clean away the grime from winter – lots of wet and salty boots have walked through your property – and present a fresh and clean product to your current residents and prospective residents.



Do a “spring cleanup” of your property’s landscaping. Often, regular lawn maintenance isn’t enough, but a more extensive “cleanup” at the beginning of the spring fixes that. Like the common areas mentioned above, you’re presenting a fresh and attractive product to your residents, prospective residents, and really anyone setting eyes on your property.



Complete a “clean and check” or “tune-up” to your air conditioning system. Doing this ensures that the system is clean and working properly before the hot temps hit. Several benefits here:

  •  Serves to prevent breakdowns (expensive) and can extend the effective life of the equipment.
  •  It helps you avoid AC outages during heat waves and peak summer months when residents depend on their AC the most.
  •  Demonstrate care and diligence to your residents.



If your building has a central boiler, arrange “off-season” maintenance for it in early summer. Have your boiler cleaned, checked, and serviced right after you shut it down for the summer. In fact, boiler companies sometimes offer discounts for early-summer maintenance. Like AC preventative maintenance, having your boiler cleaned and checked as soon as possible gives you time to get ahead of repairs before the next heating season and peace of mind that you’re ready to go in the fall.



Check your roof, gutters, brick/siding, and exterior components. Winter is tough on buildings.   The freezing and thawing cycles will eventually create and expose malfunctions, damage, and issues with your building’s exterior. Now’s the time to inspect and complete annual maintenance of those components.   Spring and summer rainstorms will not be kind to you if your exterior has issues – get ahead of it now.



We hope you found these pointers helpful!   We certainly believe in their value – and consider them a fundamental practice here at Root Realty.

Since our founding in 1983, we’ve been committed to providing Chicagoland apartment owners and investors with effective, uncomplicated, and transparent property management services.

If you own apartments in Chicago and are looking for help with property management, we’d love to hear from you! My email and phone number are below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Danny Sider

Director of Property Management – Root Realty, Inc.

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