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Root Realty is a full-service, solutions-oriented investment advisor.

Trusted Advisor

Our advisors partner closely with you, designing your investment strategy by listening carefully to your goals and understanding your risk tolerance.


We’re in Chicago, watching in real time for shifting demographics; ; and improvements that drive demand.


Our opportunities include combinations of multifamily, commercial, mixed-use, or ground up development investments.

The Root Realty Advantage:


Deal Sourcing

We are constantly sourcing deals through a variety of channels to provide our clients access to quality, vetted investment opportunities.


Market Analysis

Our analytics-based approach focuses on developing a portfolio of high-quality, risk-adjusted real estate assets in areas projected to have top future growth.



Our vertically integrated life cycle model allows us to underwrite competitive offers based on real rent, renovation-cost, and operating-expense assumptions.



Our reputation for market knowledge, trustworthiness, customer service, and results has earned our clients’ loyalty and repeat business.

Our acquisition philosophy focuses on developing a portfolio of high-quality, risk adjusted real estate assets in areas projected to have top future growth, coupled with potential for adding value. With our lifecycle of services, your Root Realty advisor will be there to see you succeed

We would be happy to learn about your goals and work with you to find an investment.

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