Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your property’s furnace regularly is a smart investment for protecting the life of the HVAC system.

Last fall, we sent service out to nearly all our units to perform routine maintenance, replace filters, and also left replacement filters in the unit for the tenants. Winter was long and cold but we had minimal furnace issues we had to attend to as the units were properly serviced and were working as they should. Now that summer is showing signs of heat, we are receiving some service requests about the air conditioning not cooling as it should. It’s not unusual for a system to need Freon recharging after a long, cold winter, so we’re not surprised some units are in need of servicing.

With Freon being so expensive, condensing units being even more expensive, it is important to do all the preventative maintenance you can to limit the number of failing furnaces/condensing units. Obviously, parts wear themselves out over time and replacement is ultimately unavoidable. But with annual maintenance of your furnace and AC condensing unit, you?ll save big long term by extending the life of these units.

As the landlord, it is typically our responsibility to maintain the furnace. However, it should be expected and agreed to with the residents that they do their part as well. Tenants should be made aware that they need to change filters regularly, contact you immediately when things aren’t working as they normally do, and keep the area around the furnace clear of their personal belongings. It’s also important that the resident using the furnace is aware that changing the filter regularly, cleaning the vents around their house, and keeping the furnace area clear of storage items, will benefit them. These easy to do tasks will provide more stable room temperature and lower utility expenses.

It’s a win-win for both landlord and tenant to use preventive maintenance on their HVAC system. Root Realty has a team of professional HVAC providers available to help maintain the life of your heating and cooling system.  We’re here to help keep expenses low for your real estate investment. Call us today to learn how partnering with professional management can add value to your real estate holdings.