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Root Realty is a property management company in Chicago that is committed to its tenants, all over Chicago.  We are here to assist you in any way we can. Root Realty focuses on convenience and service. In fact, you can now pay your rent, make a service maintenance request and more right here, online. Concerned that we may not have received your rent payment? Simply go to your account here and know when it’s been processed. Need to set up your utilities? Simply go to the bottom of this page and you’ll find a list of all the Chicago utility companies.

Helpful Videos for our Residents

Changing Batteries in Smoke/CO Detectors

Changing Smoke/CO Detector Batteries

Which way does the arrow go on my furnace filter? Videos to the Point!

Changing Furnace Filter

How to Troubleshoot and Reset a Furnace

How To Reset A Furnace Or Locate Its Power Switch

Self help tips: Changing Thermostat Batteries

Changing Thermostat Batteries

How To Identify and Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Resetting Circuit Breaker

Clogged Toilet? Unclog in Seconds

Unclogging A Toilet

Homeowners Guide, how to turn off your toilet

Shutting Water Off To Toilet

How To Flush Your Toilet With A Bucket of Water - Plumbing Problems

How To Flush A Toilet With The Water Off

How to Shut Off Water Under Sink

Shutting Water Off To Sinks

Home Appliances : How to Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Resetting Garbage Disposal

How to reset gas water tank pilot light

Resetting Gas Hot Water Heater

Tilt window air conditioner to drain water outside

Pitching A Window AC Unit Correctly

Cleaning the Lint Screen on your dryer

How Clean Dryer Lint Screen

How To Get Your Key Unstuck

How To Get A Key Unstuck

Why Renters Prefer Root



Our goal is to make our residents enjoy living with us. We are friendly and we always respond to your needs.



We implement cutting edge technology to make it easy to pay rent or communicate with us via our portal, email, text, or phone.



We offer well priced apartments in hip neighborhoods.

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Helpful References for our Residents

Satellite, Cable, Telephone, Cellular, and Internet Companies

Comcast – Cable TV, Internet, and Telephone
1.800.COMCAST (1.800.266.2278)

Sprint, Telephone, Internet, and Cellular Phone

RCN – Cable TV, Internet, and Telephone
1.800.RING.RCN (1.800.746.4726)

AT&T/SBC – Satellite TV, Internet, Telephone, and Cellular Phone

Verizon – DIRECTV®, Telephone, Internet, and Cellular Phone

U.S. Cellular – Chicago’s local Cellular Provider

T-Mobile – Cellular Provider

*All providers may not be available in all areas.

Commonwealth Edison
1.800.EDISON.1 (1.800.334.7661)

BlueStar Energy Services, Inc.
1.866.BLUESTAR (1.866.258.3782)

Commerce Energy, Inc.
Note: Licensed in IL, but not delivering service, yet.

Hudson Energy Services

Integrys Energy Services, Inc.

*All providers may not be available in all areas.

People’s Gas

Interstate Gas Supply of Illinois, Inc

Santanna Energy Services

U.S. Energy Savings Corp.

Spark Energy, L.P.
1.877.228.9427 (URS.2.BUY.GAS)

Ambit Energy
1.888.782.6248 (888-78-AMBIT)

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