Team Profile: Clif Wilson

Investment Real Estate Broker


Clif has worked in sales and sales management for decades. Throughout his long career in the radio business, he invested, rehabbed, developed, sold and managed real estate. That is now his full-time pursuit—a building specialist focused on 5 to 60-unit buildings on Chicago’s West Side and the near west suburbs. As a trained journalist with a degree from the University of Kansas, Clif combines a passion for real estate with genuine curiosity—a desire to understand the story and value of each building and client he works with. He’s a relentless seller who will work tirelessly to get the job done in a timeframe that works for you. He will apply his sales and marketing acumen and all the marketing tools in the Root Realty arsenal—including the MLS and Co-Star and a contact list of qualified active investors in the market—to see that sellers get the highest possible price from buyers who are qualified and prepared to thrive as property owners, managers and stewards.

If you’re an investor looking to buy property in Chicago’s West Side, contact Clif from Root Realty for guidance and expertise.