The Age of Immediate Delivery

Many things have changed in the world, especially the United States, over the last ten years. One of the biggest changes is the customer’s expectation of receiving a want or product close to immediately. Take these examples into consideration. Email: you send and receive instantaneous. Package shipping: Online retailers are now so competitive that they offer next day shipping at little to no cost. Online Portals: view a bill online and pay it immediately with a credit card. The fact is that we have grown into a society where we expect immediate results. Root Realty has been offering immediate responses and solutions to our tenants for nearly the past decade. Here’s how we meet our resident expectations:

Online everything. Do you want to set up auto pay and have your rent submitted every month without taking the time to write and mail a check? We’ve got you covered. We offer a number of online payment options at rootrealty.com. Did you need a copy of your lease to find out what your subletting options are? As a Root Realty resident, you’ll have exclusive access to our online portal where we publish copies of all your important lease related documents. Would you like to submit a maintenance request or check on the status of an existing request? Your online portal allows you to communicate directly with your manager and our maintenance team to find out what hour a technician is scheduled to arrive to your apartment.

Online convenience is great- there’s no doubt about it. However, if you happen to appreciate a little one on one communication, or delivering a hand written rent check, we will always welcome you to swing by the office to say hello. We know many people today prefer the convenience of handling all communication and bill payments on the go, but we also know that many appreciate the age old personal interaction for their business dealings. We strive to create the best of both worlds for our residents. Pay rent online, or come into the office to say hello. We’re happy to take care of your apartment needs in the method of your preference. Call Michael Root today to learn why our residents are the happiest, and stay with us on average for three years.