Chicago Plants

The Best Houseplants for Chicago Renters

One thing that makes Chicago so beautiful is every year residents get to experience four different cities in one. There of course is the beautiful and vibrant summertime Chicago, the crisp and colorful fall Chicago, the brutal yet elegant winter Chicago, and the end-of-hibernation spring Chicago. One of the best ways to cope with the harsh winters is to furnish your apartment with plants and ensure sufficient natural light. It not only provides a calm and lively atmosphere but improves your apartment’s air quality and provides necessary serotonin to make it to spring. Nasa even recommends that residents have one plant for every 100 sq feet of their home or apartment to regulate and filter the air. With that being said, what plants could possibly survive and thrive through the turbulent changing of seasons in Chicago? Here are a few that residents should consider:

Elephant Tree:

If you want your plants to experience the seasons the same way you do, the Elephant Tree is a good choice. This small desert tree’s leaves change colors with the seasons and sprout little red buds in the winter. It takes up a decent amount of space, adds a unique vibrance to an apartment’s space, and is relatively low maintenance.

Snake Plant:

For residents looking for tropical vibes on the third coast, snake plants offer a taste of Miami in Chicago. These plants are thick green vertical growers and are tough as nails. They will survive even the toughest of Chicago winters, and provide a sense of warm summers on the beach while residents hibernate.


If you are someone who doesn’t want to give up all of your space to plants, succulents are for you. These little houseplants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, take up very little space, and do not require much maintenance. They can handle cooler temperatures and require very little watering in the Winters.

Aloe Vera:

The Aloe Vera plant is ideal for most midsized Chicago apartments. They come in varying sizes, but continuously grow. Aloe Vera plants are the ideal choice for residents who like a good investment. As they grow, they spawn “pups” that can be cut and replanted. Additionally, after they grow throughout the winter, residents can use the Aloe gel created by their houseplants to treat those summertime Chi sunburns.