The Value of a Good Property Manager

So then the question becomes if you personally are capable of dedicating the time and effort to wear all the different hats required to run a profitable building. Consider that a proven, professional property manager, such as Root Realty, dedicates 100% of their time to ensuring the performance of your property is as good as the asset can be. Effective marketing of upcoming vacancies and thorough screening will ensure there is minimal vacancy, turnover, and problem tenants. Using professionally written leases to protect the landlord will prove invaluable in the unfortunate situation there was ever a conflict with a resident. Taking calls and responding to tenant emails instantly will create a relationship where tenant and landlord have mutual respect for one another. Using trusted maintenance personnel and having those providers available when needed is something that comes from years of working together as a manager and a maintenance professional. Having access to a property managers relationships with legal professionals, real estate attorneys, eviction attorneys, tax attorneys, building department experts, is confidence inspiring when those opinions are sought. Professional accounting and reporting will ensure filing K-1 schedules will be a breeze as all the information is categorized accurately so you aren?t over taxed each year. Most importantly is the comfort in knowing that you have a relationship with a manager who puts your best interest first and is available to you for all your investments needs.


There are very many benefits to working with a professional manager such as Root Realty. Don?t wait until you are caught in an unfortunate situation to reach out. Call Michael Root today to learn how Root Realty can be your management partner and will free your time to enjoy? well not being at a building when a water heater shuts down and the entire building is calling for help.