What’s new at Root Realty this month

What’s new at Root Realty this Month?

In the midst of the holiday season things can get a little hectic. At Root Realty we are certainly staying busy!

New Team Members

We have several new employees on staff. Kevin Itima, Investment Real Estate Broker, joined our team in September. Kevin has hosted several events here at our office and at the new CoWork office space in Woodlawn. He will be hosting at least one more event in December at Root Realty. His meetup’s are very informative to both Landlords, and Multi-family Real Estate Brokers. Jason Guiden also joined our Property Management team in September. Most recently Clif Wilson, Investment Real Estate Broker, joined our team this month. We have expanded our team so that we can best serve all of our Residents, Owners, and Clients.

Recent Recognition

As some of you may know Root Realty was voted one of the top 20 Property Management companies in Chicago by Expertise.com. We are very proud to have made this list. Our Property Managers and Maintenance Team work extremely hard day and night to ensure our residents are getting what they need. There are many Property Management companies to chose from in Chicago. Being in the top 20 shows that we work hard to maintain our buildings and our residents certainly appreciate that.

Upcoming events

There will be just a few more events before the end of the year hosted by Kevin. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and check our website for details! If you haven’t been able to attend we look forward to hosting several events in the New Year so it’s not too late!